iBNB Whitepaper Introduction
What is iBNB?
iBNB is the first dynamic DeFi token, with a reward pool generating protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain. It aims to fix the volume-to-BNB pool refill rate that has seen other tokens lose value during sustained periods of low volume.
iBNB's main focus is to prioritise the replenishment of the reward pool as much as possible while also maintaining a healthy amount of liquidity in the Pancakeswap trading pool to sustain itself during periods of high and low volume.
The token mechanics can be pictured as followed:
The token employs three methods to achieve this:
On top of this, iBNB employs two methods to increase the price of the token and ensure it stays deflationary over time:
We believe that a healthy reward pool will lead to a healthy ecosystem and will encourage sustained buying while at the same time, not allowing the token price to be manipulated by third parties.
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